Youth CBT Program: Social & Emotional Coping Techniques

7-week weeknight programs for ages 12-17 coming this fall.

Parents…it has been a rough year! Give your tweens & teens a fun, safe way to build confidence, improve social skills, and learn coping techniques in a post-COVID world. We’re better together!

Program Details

Our summer program aims to equip young people with the necessary skills for facing the challenges of today’s world by teaching and practicing Social & Emotional Coping Techniques.

We’ll meet once a week for 7 weeks in a welcoming and safe environment. To increase each participant’s comfort we have segmented the groups by age. We understand that each group faces different challenges and peer-to-peer support is important. The cost of the program is $699, payable by credit card. *

This educational program teaches young people coping strategies to manage uncomfortable feelings of nervousness, social anxiety, loneliness, sadness, and anger.

These strategies are life skills that we all need, and it is important to help young people learn them at an early age. Learning these skills will give them an advantage at home, in school, and throughout their lives, as they maintain and improve their mental health.

As part of each session, we will include healthy snacks and drinks.

* Due to our limited enrollment numbers payment must be made within 48 of registration by calling our office at 860-819-3651 to pay by phone. If payment is not received, your registration will lapse and your spot can be filled by another attendee.

Enroll Today!

If you’d like to sign up multiple attendees, please fill out 1 form per child. Have questions or accommodation requests? Call us at 860-819-3651.

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