Equal parts empathy,
service, and solutions.

We’re here to provide gentle guidance for overcoming obstacles on your path to self-discovery and happiness.

Our philosophy and beliefs

We recognize that “providing care” and “caring for someone” are two different but essential ways of supporting our clients.

With decades of experience in the mental health field, we understand that the challenges our clients face often feel outside of their control. Depression, anxiety, and trauma are not something we choose and without proper care, we are often left feeling hopeless. Relief begins when the right care plan is in place.

Our caregivers are committed to understanding how mental health challenges affect the lives of our clients, their families, and those around them. We invest our time in getting to know your individual needs and goals in order to build a trusting relationship between you and our team as we work together to alleviate stress and symptoms.

Hope for Healing logo on colored background

The Center

From soft sounds and scents to warm conversations and blankets, there are many details that our clients appreciate about the Hope for Healing Center.

Described as a “Soothing, spa-like atmosphere,” we have carefully curated our space to provide ample opportunity for relaxation and therapy.

Located in the heart of Farmington Valley, our center is easily accessible for those living in Avon, CT, and our neighbors from West Hartford, Farmington, Canton, Simsbury, Bloomfield, and Burlington. Hope for Healing is a short drive for anyone living in Hartford-County and certainly worth the trip if you’re a bit further away.

We invite you to schedule your visit.